Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Final Frontier

Well, I've decided to not be overwhelmed by blogging and see how it goes. This is my first attempt to making one, and I'm kinda learning as I go. So to all who feast on these words...thanks for caring enough to look. This has been a pretty good week...after spring break its kind of nice to fall back into our routine. Especially since spring break was neither spring or break. It snowed a lot of the time so we were forced to have our spring fever inside..never a good idea. Especially since when we were inside...John got curious about a strange smell that I had kept smelling in my kitchen...thinking it was something dirty I would scour my kitchen and strangely still smell the John being the great and loving husband he is...decides to make his wife happy and get rid of the smell. So he climbs under the sink...which if anybody has an older house, is never a pleasant place to even see...we just ignore that cupboard most of the time. Its always reminds me of a scary haunted house....its always pitch black, musty smell, and then the occasional spider...eekkkk! You never know whats larking in the corner. Well John climbs into the scary black musty hole and takes a flashlight as his only protection.....well he climbs far into far that I could have closed the doors and john would of had a really good hiding spot if we were playing hide and seek....sadly though today we were only playing seek the smell. Well what John found was going to take up the rest of his spring break. We thought this task was a quick fix....but as John started working on the pipe...he soon realized that this problem was bigger than they could have ever imagined. Let's just say we had to rent a concrete saw so we could cut up the concrete in our bathroom floor...then for the rest of the day and a half mom and I hauled out buckets of wet yucky clay mud, while john stood in a whole in our bathroom covered in mud....the scary thing was that we weren't even sure what we would find, we kept hoping for the best....we didn't know how far we would have to dig to see the pipes. Well it took about 3 long days and muddy floors to fix this problem. Thanks to dad, john, brian, and david, and mom, oh and ranch and farm for having the things we needed, we have plumbing that works, it doesn't drain under our house into the dirt...but it drains into the city sewer. Who would of ever thought to be grateful for plumbing that actually works!